Moving Local within the same day the same town.


A local move which is also known as an intrastate move takes place within a 100-mile radius and stays within the state of origin. If you’re only moving across town, then you probably need a Local Move. When moving locally the type of truck that the movers use will usually be smaller and the service will usually be performed in one day unless you have a very big house.
There are three major factors that affect the cost of a local move:

  • The number of movers necessary.
  • The time it takes to move all belongings.
  • The driving time between the old and the new residence.

Other factors that determine the cost of a local move:

  • How prepared are you when the movers arrive? Are all your belongings packed in boxes? How much packing, unpacking, and furniture placement would the movers need to do for you? Are there any hard to move items?
  • Can the truck park close to the house? Is it easy for the truck to reach the house, or are there hills to drive up? Is there an elevator in the building? If there is no service elevator, how many flights of stairs are there?

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